Auckland Airport to Auckland CDB Service

The best way to get from Auckland airport to Auckland CBD is by taxi. Auckland is a beautiful city with a wide array of attractions and sights that  bring in tourist from all over the world. However driving can be tricky in a foreign country of your not used to driving When landing in Auckland airport you want to be able to get to your next destination quickly. So much to see in New Zealand and not a moment to waste. You also want to make sure you are not paying too much and that your driver is courteous and professional, especially if this is your first visit to Auckland. The trip from Auckland airport to Auckland to challenging to navigate, especially after a long flight, sometimes late at night. A taxi driver can get you to your destination so that you can relax and enjoy yourself in the auckland surroundings.

Auckland airport taxi service

The best way to get from Auckland airport to Auckland CBD is by taxi. A short 35 minute drive and you are right in the center of all the action. It is important to know that while any taxis service can drop you off at Auckland airport only a handful can pick you up from the airport. This is to ensure the safety and quality of ride services that tourist receive from the airport. Auckland airport aims to keep everyone safe to have a good time when they arrive in the city. According to Auckland airport website fares can range from NZ$38 – NZ$75 for a one way trip. There are a few different services to choose from but you want to make sure that your taxi service is knowledgeable about the ares, has a great driving record and has friendly service.

Auckland Taxi Service

Auckland Taxi service is one of a handful of taxi services allowed to pick up from Auckland Airport. We are a high quality taxi service that takes the safety of our passengers and customer service as top priority. We know that you want to be taken to your destination with a kind and courteous driver and know that you will arrive safely, able to enjoy Auckland more.

  • Qualified drivers- At Auckland taxi service our drivers are experienced and qualified. Each has a long safe driving history and experience with driving tourist to and from Auckland airport. We make sure that all of our drivers backgrounds are spotless for your safety.
  • Safe Vehicles- Our vehicle’s pass a rigorous multi point inspection before every day starts so that we ensure that it is safe for you to travel in. We also take cleanliness in to account so that every trip you feel comfortable.
  • Value-  We give you the best value for your money.  We know you need to get to your destination so we want to make it affordable so you come back to us again.
  • Friendly service- We make sure that you alway feel not only safe , but also at ease with our drivers. We have the friendliest drivers in auckland for the best rides to your destination.

Auckland taxi services offers a flat rate to go to to CBD for  $69. Auckland taxi service is a high quality taxi service with a reputation for taking care of tourist and travelers. Only a handful of taxi services are allowed to pick up from auckland airport, let us show you why we are the best choice. We have easy booking for your next trip from Auckland airport to Auckland CBD.  Rest assured that we will be there for you when you land auckland airport. We gaurentee a amazing ride to your destination.

We understand on a night out, you may want to or get pressured into drinking.

You can call our direct dispatch hotline at 0800 TAXI NOW

A team of two professional drivers will arrive to drive you and your car home safely!