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8 September

Auckland Airport Taxi Guide for Corporate and Business Users

The Auckland Airport has become New Zealand’s most frequented and busiest airport for many reasons. Not only the beauty and attractions of Auckland are playing their part in pulling visitors here but the business ventures and sprawling shopping and business hubs in the heart of Auckland city are also playing its due role. Hence, this creates a great challenge for traveling from Auckland airport to Auckland CBD.

For the sack of this write-up, we would be putting forward some useful tips for those who are traveling frequently to Auckland for business purpose. Keeping them in consideration when hiring a taxi airport service can help a lot in saving money, time and peace of mind. So next time you hire corporate cabs, it will be a well thought out.

Auckland Airport to Auckland CBD With Ease

Whether you are a businessman or a corporate employee visiting Auckland, chances are you will be needing a professional taxi service to and from downtown Auckland. There are lots of taxis in the airport that can take you from Auckland airport to Auckland CBD. Both the international & domestic terminals have a dedicated taxi stands outside the arrivals area. Although there are many taxi airport services that can pick you up from the hotel to the airport but only regulated and licensed corporate cabs that provide pickup from the airport.

The reason being a strict policy adopted by the Auckland Airport Authorities in order to make the taxi service more reliable to ensure quality service to both international and domestic passengers. The airport authorities website also features those taxi services which has been given license to operate as taxi airport service. This means that the only licensed taxi and corporate cabs are allowed in airport taxi ranks.

Both the taxi and shuttle ranks are located outside the arrivals area (door 8) at the international terminal and outside door 4 at the domestic terminal. This means you don’t have to carry your luggage too far, they can be picked up by your taxi driver from the arrivals area. You can book online or call on their number to pre-book a ride, or you can show up at the taxi ranks and get one on the go.

Why PreBook a taxi for your Auckland Airport to Auckland CBD ride?

Whether you are going to use a standard taxi airport service or looking for corporate cabs, it’s best practice to have it pre booked. There is much to gain from pre-booking a taxi then hiring one on the spot.

Save time and money

There are some drivers who may charge you more if you are new or traveling for the first time in Auckland. If you haven’t pre-booked and turn up at the taxi spot, it’s always better to ask the driver about the cost of travel. They may differ depending on your luggage or distance and sometimes the driver. If you are in a hurry then you might get charged higher for not having settled the price first. So it’s always better to settle the charges first before starting the journey.

No Extra Luggage Charging

Some taxi services at the airport stand may charge you extra for the luggage. The benefit of online or pre-booking is obvious from the very beginning, if you have too much luggage it will be calculated so you know the fixed price beforehand. Some unprofessional drivers may ask for extra charges for the luggage which can cause unwanted distress when you have to go to a meeting or your hotel.

Choose Business or Corporate Cabs

One other gain from pre-booking is you get to choose the type of car you want. Most business class or corporate people opt for better cars, some have to go for an event or a meeting hence a premium and luxurious car available at the airport and ready for you is certainly a good add-on.

ATS: Best Taxi Service for getting from Auckland Airport to City Centre

A burgeoning traffic of humans and vehicles is seen almost every day at the Auckland Airport. To find a dependable taxi service in Auckland to or from the airport is not an easy task. Consider Auckland Taxi Service for competitive rates and highest service quality, every time and everywhere in Auckland. We are a dependable discount taxi Auckland, providing safe and reliable service to the people and visitors of Auckland since 2006.

Few Highlights of Our Professional Services

  • The latest taxi dispatch, booking, and vehicle tracking technologies
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  • A Modern, comfortable, and reliable fleet of Auckland taxis
  • 24/7 service with a free phone booking number
  • Wi-Fi available in our vehicles
  • Government regulated and licensed
  • And more

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