The little known beauty of Slipp...

8 September

The little known beauty of Slipper Island

At this time of the year, most of New Zealand is looking for a good holiday spot and if the place has a campground to offer then it’s even better. But most places are pre-booked or has a lot of crowd pulled to itself. Getting a peaceful and serene campground for cheap is next to impossible.

There is, however, one place in New Zealand you can enjoy the beautiful nature and camping – the Slipper Island.  Three kilometres to the coast of Coromandel, this secret island provides an ideal attraction for camping. Enjoy the white sandy beaches on the western and southern sides or if you dare, the rocky cliffs and the awe-inspiring volcanic rocks.

For those who love the cool and calm nature, this Island is to offer it’s not even expensive; unless you stay in a luxurious resort, for a meagre 15$ per person for a night, you can get a wonderful camping experience.

The route to Slipper Island

A 15-min water taxi from the Coromandel coast, it’s one of the few known secret islands of New Zealand. The reason for this is that most people don’t know much about it. Perhaps The other reason is perhaps when it’s booked by some guests, only to themselves.

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