A tale of two centuries: A short story of New Zealand’s Taxi Service

From horse-drawn hansom cabs to the modern taxi of the new millennium the with their GPS receivers and satellite tracking, taxis and cabs have long been a feature of New Zealand’s cities. Many new immigrants have made a living driving taxis.

Hansom Cab

In the mid1800’s in Britain, when Joseph Hansom invented the safe hansom cab it wasn’t much later when people started using it in New Zealand. Also mentioned in the famous detective novels of Sherlock Holmes, this carriage carried two persons on a horse-drawn cart. These horse-drawn cabs started operating in the New Zealand’s cities as early as the 1860’s. A cab driver would require a driving license from the local authorities.

You might have heard of the best-selling crime novel “The mystery of a hansom cab”, set in the late 19th century written and self-published by Fergus Hume, it became an international best-seller.


The handsome cabs made way for motor taxis not until the beginning of 20th Century. According to the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, the first Motor Taxi appeared around 1905. However, it wasn’t until 1912 when they became common in the cities of New Zealand. To get a taxi, special phones were installed on poles in different cities.

Govt. Control

Towards the end of the 20th Century, due to law and order situations caused by taxis, Government started to control the taxi industry. Licenses and fares were now regulated by the government. This made the job for taxi drivers really difficult, hence new immigrants started to fill in and take the opportunity. To this day the taxi industry is mainly run by migrants.

GPS & Tracking

The 21st century heralded a new age of taxi industry across the globe, many countries including New Zealand has a modern GPS & Tracking Taxi service. It has become extremely easy for the masses to avail a taxi service at their fingertips. Safety & reliable journey has become available to everyone at their doorstep, thanks to the internet and GPS technology.

Auckland Taxi Service

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